Crumps naturals training treats:

4.7 oz$12.49     sale $11.35

10 oz – $22.99     sale $20.90

Crumps’ Naturals Beef Liver Bites are an exceptionally palatable treat that is high in protein and low in fat. They are made from 100% federally inspected beef liver with no colours, additives or preservatives. Cubed and freeze dried in small, delicious bite sized portions, they make a great training treat.

Crumps Naturals Mini Trainers

3.7 oz – $12.49     sale $11.35

Crumps’ Dog Mini Trainers Freeze Dried Beef Liver are a play off their original freeze dried liver treats. With all the flavor packed into a smaller bite, their size makes them the perfect training treat. Made with no artificial colours, additives or preservatives, they come in a stand-up re-sealable bag. Made in Canada with Canadian beef liver, these one ingredient treats go hand in hand with a limited ingredient diet and are ideal for all size dogs. Low in calories.


Salmon Snaps  8.8oz  $12.49  $11.35

Crumps’ Salmon Snaps for dogs are made with sustainably sourced salmon. These snaps contain no additives, colors or preservatives. Scored to easily break into bite size training pieces, they’re perfect for dogs of any size and breed.


Hero Natural Rubber Multi-Directional Treat Ball  $21.89  $18.95

Hero natural rubber toys encourage healthy chewing while providing hours of fun.  Dogs will love playing with this Multi-Directional Ball. The innovative shape causes an unpredictable bounce when thrown and features a center hole for dispensing treats.



Crumps Beef Liver Sprinkles  $6.99  $6.45

Crumps’ Liver Sprinkles are all natural and contain 100% beef liver that is dried and ground to a fine consistency. Made from 100% Canadian, federally inspected beef liver, they contain no artificial colors, additives or preservatives. Crumps’ Naturals Liver Sprinkles will be sure to provide the flavor enhancement your dog is looking for. Lightly shake the sprinkles over wet or dry food and watch your dog dig in!

Crumps Apple Bites  $12.49   $11.35

Crump’s Apple Bites for dogs have no preservatives, additives or colors. These bites are sodium and gluten free and they’re loaded with health-promoting phyto-nutrients. They’re gently dehydrated to remove the moisture, but not the sweet flavor of the apples. Dogs will go crazy for this bite size treat of natural goodness!

Cricket treats. Hypoallergenic treats.  $8.99  $8.50

These pea-size, tasty, low fat, and easy to digest treats make for an ideal training reward for dogs. Wilder Harrier uses cricket powder, which boasts 2x more protein than beef, more calcium than milk, contains all 9 essential amino acids, and has more iron than spinach – a lot of punch in a little package!