Chili Pepper’s puppies will be 25 to 30 lbs.

Red, shades of red and apricot in color.

Chili Pepper’s puppies are ready to go home on April 30th, 2022.

All the puppies in this litter have been reserved.  If you like the color and size of Chili Pepper’s puppies, Miracle Ranch’s Cedar will be having puppies in April 2022.  There are reservation spots available in Cedar’s litter list.




Chili Pepper has 4 puppies in her litter.  From left to right the genders are:  male, female, male, female.

Miracle Ranch Labradoodle puppy breeder in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Below is another picture of Chili Pepper’s litter which is ready to go home on April 30th/2022.Miracle Ranch Labradoodle puppies in Manitoba.



Below are pictures of Chili Peppers previous litters.Golden doodle, Bernie doodle, and labradoodle puppy breeder in Canada.Doodle puppies in Vancouver, B.C.



Below is a picture of Chili Pepper (the mom) and Waylon (the dad).Australian Red Labradoodles


Below is a picture of Chili Pepper and her sisters, as puppies.


Below is a video of Chili Pepper and her litter mates.

Australian Labradoodle puppies.

Below are pictures from a previous litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies enjoying life with their new families! Penny pup Gracie 2 Penny pup Gracie Penny pup Gracie swimmingPenny Nov 11 litter 5wks green F


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