Australian Labradoodle Chocolate puppies due the end of May 2020.

Size:  Medium (25 / 35 lbs)

Color:  Chocolate/White, Chocolate solid

Coat:  some wavy fleece & some curly fleece


Bailey’s litter list is on hold till Bailey has her puppies later in May.  If Bailey has more puppies then we have deposits for, her litter list will open up for additional puppy deposits.  You are welcome to place a deposit on the wait list in the event the spring litters have additional puppies available.


Both Bailey (the mom) & Charlie (the dad) are playful and at the same time loving.  We are looking forward to the birth of the puppies in May.


Bailey’s puppies will be ready to go home later in July 2020.


Pictured below is Bailey (the mom).

Pictured below is Charlie (the dad).

Miracle Ranch Labradoodles

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Non-shed, allergy friendly, hypoallergenic coats

Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles



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