Medium/Small size Australian Labradoodle puppies (20/35 lbs.)

Puppies are ready to go home.

One male puppy is available and one female puppy is available.

Non-shed/allergy friendly coats, some curly & some wavy coats.  Some with white markings.



Patty’s Male Puppy is pictured below.  Patty’s  male  puppy  is  available.



Female puppy #2.  Patty’s female puppy #2 is available.



Below is a picture of Patty (the mom).

Below is a picture of Johnny Cash (the dad).Miracle Ranch Australian Labradoodle puppies


Below are pictures and a video of puppies in the same bloodline as Patty.

Penny Nov 11 litter 8wks purple orange blue grey



Below is a video of puppies at  4 weeks old, who are in the same bloodline as Patty.

Australian Labradoodle puppies.

Below are pictures from a previous litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies enjoying life with their new families! Penny pup Gracie 2 Penny pup Gracie Penny pup Gracie swimmingPenny Nov 11 litter 5wks green F


Miracle Ranch Labradoodles

Australian Labradoodles

Deposits accepted to hold a spot in the puppy selection.

 Winnipeg, Manitoba