Dog Food

Zignature Dog Food:

Zignature dog food is a Limited Ingredient dog food designed to deliver a high quality, well balanced diet.  It contains no potatoes, grain, chicken, eggs, gluten, tapioca, corn or soy.  Zignature is extremely palatable which encourages a healthy appetite to provide high quality protein for strong muscles.  Antioxidants and added vitamins and minerals help maintain optimum nutrition for all life stages of your canine companion.  With no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives your dog receives the natural nourishment and energy that nature intended.

Here are the prices for Zignature’s Salmon, Whitefish, Duck and Trout/Salmon.  Proteins that are priced a little less are Catfish, Pork & Turkey.  Proteins that are priced higher are Lamb, Zssentials (combo of turkey, lamb, salmon and duck), Kangaroo, Goat, Guinea Fowl and Venison.

4 lb bag – $17.99     sale $16.35

13.5 lb bag – $49.49     sale $45.45

27 lb bag – $91.99     sale $83.63

Canned wet food – $3.99    sale $3.63


As carnivores, dogs require a diet rich in animal protein. That’s why the first ingredient in any Zignature® product will always be quality meat or fish, backed by meat or fish meal, as the second ingredient. This isn’t just what your pet craves, it’s what they need to build a soft, silky coat, healthy muscles, and strong bones.

It is recommended to change the protein that you are feeding your dog every couple months.  Zignature has many proteins:

Zignature Catfish

Zignature Duck

Zignature Kangaroo

Zignature Lamb

Zignature Pork

Zignature Salmon

Zignature Trout & Salmon

Zignature Turkey

Zignature Venison

Zignature Whitefish

Zignature Goat

Zignature Guinea Fowl

Zignature Zssentials (a combination of lamb, turkey, salmon & duck)

Zignature recipes mirror the true diet your pet’s ancestors thrived on. In the wild, while prey may vary from day to day, meals are limited in content. Zignature follows this natural blueprint, and limits the number of ingredients in their recipes. This helps ensure proper digestion for your pet, while minimizing possible allergens and food sensitivities.

As an added incentive to feed your dog this premium quality Zignature dog food, your 13th bag is free of charge.